English-language kindergarten in Sofia – why not?

There is no doubt that the choice of kindergarten is of fundamental importance for the child’s preparation for school. In this line of thought, choosing a private variant is the logical decision because it will bring with it a number of dividends. Classes with intensive English study or with an entirely English-speaking environment are gaining more and more popularity, as they are suitable not only for foreign nationals but also for anyone.

How to correctly choose a kindergarten for the child

Sofia Еnglish-language kindergarten is the option that more and more parents are turning to these days.Places like ABC Kinder Care Centre are on the top wish lists of parents when it comes to enrolling their child in a reputable kindergarten, where not only quality education takes place, but also positive communication between little boys and girls is emphasized.

When choosing a kindergarten, things like the location of the school, the teaching staff, the interior and exterior, the curriculum and the level of safety offered is important. Before we choose private or public preschool education, we must be sure that we have come to the right place, and the results we want will be realized.

Why private preschools are preferred by parents

There is nothing strange in the fact that more and more people are betting on private kindergarten and not on the state one. Here are the reasons behind this growing trend:

  • acquisition of positive behavioral mechanisms – communication between children should be intelligent and constructive. This is what special attention is paid to during their stay in the private kindergarten, where the little ones learn how to talk, partner and participate in group activities;
  • very high level of preschool education – good preparation for first grade is set as the number one goal when it comes to attending preschool. In the private kindergarten, basic knowledge such as arithmetic and reading is acquired, so that the children get a proper start for the new stage of their life, namely first grade;
  • training in a cozy and comfortable environment – when the child is surrounded by a beautiful environment, he will adapt much more easily in the kindergarten. That is why it is important to pay attention to this too – the interior of the private preschool, which in 99% of the cases is modern, in happy colors and with images of children’s themes;
  • qualified teaching staff – teachers at the Sofia English-language kindergarten are some of the best. They have extensive experience behind them, possess valuable knowledge and are trained to work with children according to the highest European standards in the education sector;
  • a variety of indoor and outdoor activities – the more variety provided for kindergarten children, the more willing they will be to attend school each day. At the Sofia English-language kindergarten this is fully guaranteed, making a private preschool an even more desirable option.

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of the private preschool is the individual approach which finds application mostly during the training processes. If your child has talent, his skills will be encouraged so that the little boy or girl feels motivated and confident to give his best in developing his gifts.

What does admission and enrollment involve

The process of admission of children to the Sofia English-language kindergarten is just as important as the choice of preschool itself. Enrollment involves submitting an initial vacancy inquiry, preferably in writing. Then follows a physical inspection of the training facility, and last but not least, payment of the fee. It must be also specified whether the child will be in full-day or half-day kindergarten. In addition, the fee can be paid in one lump sum or spread over four or six months.