Anal fissures: causes and treatment

Statistics show that every third person has had an anal fissure at least once in their life. It is a small wound located in the anal canal and causes discomfort, pain and bleeding in the rectal area. The treatment is carried out through special ointments, preferably natural. It can be both in the acute phase and in the chronic phase, but in both cases it is necessary to take measures to eliminate it.

Are anal fissures a common problem

You may not know, but actually anal fissure also occurs in early childhood. Its presence is mainly understood during defecation, which is accompanied not only by pain, but in many cases also by bleeding. The use of ointment for anal fissure is a must when it comes to the permanent cure from this extremely unpleasant condition.

In addition to children, adults also suffer from anal fissures, which in a large percentage of cases heal on their own. But what do you need to know and watch out for? Do not rely solely on the ability of your body to restore itself – it is better to “support” it and start using an ointment, preferably natural and with a herbal composition. This way, you will feel good much sooner than expected.

What causes them

Wondering what is the main reason for the appearance of anal fissures? Well, the main prerequisite for them bringing discomfort into your daily life is difficult defecation, or in other words – constipation. The wound in the area around the anus occurs as a result of the excessive opening of the anus, which leads to a violation of the integrity of the skin there. For that reason, make sure that this problem is fixed and then move on to treating the “consequences”. Other reasons for the appearance of anal fissures are:

  • hard stools – constipation is not the only reason why anal fissure ointment should be used. Hard stools can also cause you to notice bleeding and feel pain in the area around the anus. In such a case, it is good to revise your food menu and include more fruits and vegetables in it. Drinking plenty of water and fluids is also recommended;
  • anal intercourse – sexual contacts of this type should be careful so as not to lead to physical ailments in the area around the anus. The use of lubricants is mandatory in order to experience maximum pleasure from intimacy with the partner without pain and bleeding;
  • after an enema – the benefits of the enema are numerous for human health, but it must be done properly. The nozzle must be placed carefully to avoid wounds;
  • birth – everyone knows that during pregnancy, a woman’s body is subjected to enormous stress and many changes. The appearance of hemorrhoids and fissures is among the things which can accompany the expectant mother which is good to bet on products with natural composition. So there will be no risk for her and the future baby, and problems such as anal fissures will be successfully solved
  • venereal diseases – a number of infectious diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea can also be the cause of the appearance of a sore around the anus. Their cure is serious and takes time, but it is well to begin as soon as possible.

Whatever the cause of your rectal discomfort, it is important to find it to avoid recurrence. Consulting a doctor is highly recommended in order not to avoid the appearance of wounds around the anus. They can reduce the quality of life and make you feel constant discomfort and have low self-esteem. What do you need all this for?

How they are treated

From what has been said so far, it has become clear what anal fissures are and what most often causes them. However, what is also very important to know so as to save yourself forever from this problem? Ways to treat wounds around the anus are many, but one of the most successful is the use of herbal products with an all-natural composition.

Bene Pura is among the best solutions which you can find in the market – remove the rectal discomfort and can be used as a prophylactic against its recurrence. The brand’s ointments are suitable for children and pregnant women which makes them marketed and bought by many people. They are made entirely of natural ingredients and are not associated with negative side effects.

Who are the people who suffer from them

No one is immune to anal fissures. Even if you take good care of your health and you do everything you can to not get constipated, rectal problems may come upon you. In such a case, it is good to monitor your body and start using the ointment at the first symptoms. Thus you will prevent the occurrence of complications which further worsen the rhythm of your daily life.