Give a chance to your son or daughter to follow the steps to academic success in the best possible way

The time to send your child on their first day of kindergarten is such an exciting and emotional moment for both the parents and their little ones. Going through this stage helps children with their development and even though it might be hard for some of them in the very beginning to be away from their moms and dads, they all end up loving the atmosphere of daycare and making a lot of friends and memories. Getting used to such surroundings prepares boys and girls for the later steps in life like going to school for the first grade. If it’s your little one’s time to go off to preschool and you are looking for the right one then you are at the beginning of this beautiful experience.

How to find the best preschool in Sofia

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outdoor activities

When foreigners come to live in a place like Sofia, Bulgaria they might notice the government establishments don’t completely facilitate their needs. In private preschools in Sofia like ABC Kinder Care you pay for comfort and met requirements, where all the staff speak English and will use it to teach and communicate with your children. Aside from being inclusive and diverse, it’s a place of high standard, fun activities and individual attention to every unique member of their group. All teachers have a true love for children and a nurturing approach that makes little ones feel safe, accepted and cared for.

What else does ABC Kinder Care have to offer

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It’s not easy to stay in the top-notch preschools category so this establishment has been expanding and improving since 2008 and doesn’t think about stopping. Caring for children is a true passion to this team and yours would be in the best hands. So, what can you expect:

  • Family- like environment where parents are encouraged to share opinions and make friends with each other;
  • A chance to be with your son or daughter every step of the way and be part of their experience by following their progress;
  • Modern facilities that provide your child with lots of fun activities both inside and outside and helps them to develop their skills;
  • Devoted caregivers and teachers who will treat the little ones with respect and equality;
  • A diverse atmosphere where every one is accepted and prepared to be a future citizen of the world;
  • Access to prestigious educational programs, materials and learning curriculums;
  • A place for your children to make lots of memories and friends and have an unforgettable time at preschool.

If these are things that are important to you when browsing for preschools in Sofia, ABC Kinder Care should be the first one to consider.

How do you enroll

Making a choice this big determines where your child will spend the next few years of their life and if you are sure this is the place for you then applying is easy. You first fill out an online form that helps to get you registered. After that you can make a call and book a visit to the kindergarten to get a look around the facilities and meet the headmaster with the rest of the staff. Once you have seen everything you could get information on tuition fees and decide on your payment methods.

ABC Kinder Care offers half day and full day visitations and their fees vary between that. If you choose half day visits you need to pay €1280 in four installments. If you go for full day base you have the choice for four (€1840 per payment), two (€3620 per payment) or one (€7100) annual installment. There is a one- off registration fee of €307 and all sums can be paid through direct bank transfers to the kindergarten’s account. Once everything is settled, you can choose the starting date for your child and start preparing them for their first day of preschool.